Details of Features

  • Policy Processing

    CentIS is an integrated rating and policy processing system. With CentIS, you will rate and issue policies, schedule declarations and mandatory forms, and produce DEC packages. Plus, you’ll have the ability to endorse, cancel, reinstate, renew, expire, and audit policies. CentIS can easily bring up previously printed items for reference or reprinting.

    CentIS handles company-defined payment plans and installments, tracking who paid how much for what and when. Pro-rated premium-bearing endorsements and out-of-sequence endorsements are all part of the system. CentIS keeps a detailed policy history and notes. Personal and Commercial lines of insurance are included: homeowners, farm, mobile homeowners, standard fire, and church policies. Multiple locations, which can be confusing to track, become easy to see in CentIS.
  • Rating

    CentIS features a multi-location, multi-state, multi-product comparative rating sytem. Rates, products and underwriting, are loaded from the master files, which are setup by you. Quotes and applications are completely filled out, from your on screen questions, greatly enhancing data accuracy and underwriting efficiency, which can then be printed or e-mailed.
  • Data Protection & Security

    CentIS is a client-server product, designed to work smoothly and effectively for both small and large companies. CentIS is reliable because it is built on proven technologies, running on Microsoft Windows platforms utilizing ODBC compliant databases. Protecting your data from fraudulent or careless entry is an important part of this software system. CentIS provides user-level security with password logins; it also has function-level accessibility (by department, for instance). Also, CentIS keeps audit trails for each transaction, confirming who changed what and when and why.
  • Integrated “Paper Trail”

    The Insurance industry is drowning in a sea of paper! CentIS helps to integrate the documents for any policy, by allowing you to scan and attach directly to the policy. No need for a separate scanning system, or another database to track the paper. CentIS attaches applications, quotes, photos, PDFs, DEC pages, audio, video, and endorsement forms to the policy record. Whenever you open that policy, you can view each of these documents in the CentIS viewer. When CentIS creates reports, they are first shown in PDF and are attached to the policy (if that’s applicable) or e-mailed directly to the agent (where that’s appropriate).
  • Agent/CSR Tracking

    CentIS uses Agent Master Files for instant propagation throughout the system. You control and track the Agents’ logins, licensure, commission rates. CentIS automatically creates and records production statistics and history, and produces the Month-End commission reports. The Month-End Commission Report becomes part of each Agency’s history. You can even track your phone calls to the Agent, so that multiple people in your office can see what was said by whom and when. This is a must for clear communication with your Agents.
  • Claims

    CentIS organizes the claims management process, providing a complete overview of the claims history for each policy. CentIS manages out-of-sequence claims. It will produce the claim form for the assigned Adjuster (which can be e-mailed directly from CentIS, along with the DEC page). The claim form becomes a part of the policy history, and policies with claims are immediately evident. CentIS tracks payments and can adjust for expenses. Claims are propagated from the Policy Master file, bringing over vital information without having to type it in again.
  • Reporting Features

    CentIS’ reports are both comprehensive and easy to use. Every report begins with filters and choices to narrow to your specific needs at that time. You can create a focused list of Current Policies, by Agency, by Company, by State, or by time period. You often can choose to sort a report by number or name or other criteria. CentIS is flexible according to each type of report.

    CentIS provides reports for Claims activity, Paid and UnPaid, Exposure, ReInsurance Information, Billing Reminders to the insured, Expiration lists, Agency Account Current, and others. CentIS even produces your Proof of Mailing Documents for the post office. Most reports are created as PDF’s that can be printed or e-mailed.

    The Accounting Reports are also available in Excel format. Incoming and outgoing cash transactions are recorded, and month-end and year-end reports are part of the system. And, because reporting is an integral part of CentIS, where it’s appropriate, reports are saved in the system.
  • Flexible Setup of Master Files

    CentIS is designed to be versatile so that you can work with multiple lines of business, products, companies, states, and many agencies. Because these are setup in Master Files, you can choose and retain information about these. CentIS keeps track of the forms list for each product that creates a DEC package: by Company, by State, by Product Type. So, you can set the required forms for each company, and when you print the DEC package, only the forms for that company are printed.

    This flexibility allows you to setup, edit, or delete new Companies, new Products, and new Agents – all with a few clicks. In addition, CentIS helps you incorporate your logo and company information on reports and forms. And forms that are unique to your company can easily be scanned in and setup by you for producing a DEC package.
  • Daily Business

    Daily Business is a way for your business to track all the payments that are coming into the mail room. Daily Business allows you to track each check that came in today, and it creates reports from that information. Daily Business produces the following reports: (1) Daily Receipt of Received Payments and Bank Deposit List; (2) Sales by Date and Product Type; (3) Money Endorsements.

    Start with Daily Business for Policy Processing for NEW POLICIES. Any policy information you enter now, will save you time later. All of this information will be copied over during new Policy Processing. You can attach the application at this point so that it is permanently connected to the policy. The Daily Business report provides commission information for the day, as well as product counts.
  • MGA Module

    We provide a separate MGA module which fully integrates with the main CentIS modules. It provides Direct Bill Capability: 1) direct bill data entry 2) download/import of monthly direct bill reports from insurance companies such as American Modern, American Bankers, American Reliable, Aegis, Diamond State, etc. 3) monthly commission reports for direct bill 4) monthly check creation 5) direct deposit integration 6) 1099 reporting.

    The module also provides surplus lines tax reporting.

    FTP Upload of DEC Packages to insurance companies.
  • Operating System Compatability

    Microsoft Windows 10; Microsoft Windows Server 2019 including Terminal Server.

    CentIS can run on a single PC, or can be loaded on a Windows Server, and accessed by large numbers of networked PCs, or loaded on Azure Cloud VM for remote work access.